Committed to Improving Safety and Security in the Oil & Gas Industry

All control systems and SCADA systems face the constant threat of malicious cyber-attacks. The scale of those threats gets worse every day and worldwide, critical infrastructure facilities face enormous challenges. Oil and gas infrastructures are at risk.

It is now evident that the preventative security measures implemented by computer network manufacturers do not provide sufficient long term protection. Inherent vulnerabilities expose systems to cyber-attacks with potentially devastating results, including considerable financial losses as well as physical damage to plant, personnel and equipment.

As a market leader in the field of ICS and SCADA systems, PetroSecure has unparalleled understanding of the potential risks. Our experts identify vulnerabilities and implement cyber security solutions ensuring that the system will not be compromised.

For clients new to this field, PetroSecure provides comprehensive cyber solutions, custom tailored to address the risks faced by each individual client.

To augment protection levels and eliminate vulnerabilities, PetroSecure provides field proven upgrades and adaptions for existing security systems.