Committed to Improving Safety and Security in the Oil & Gas Industry

As part of our commitment to improving safety in the E&P industry, PetroSecure created the DrillSAFE RTOC service - a 3rd party Real-Time Operating Center and monitoring service, allowing operators, drillers and regulatory bodies the assurance of independent monitoring of operations.

DrillSAFE RTOC is compatible with all service companies, and is based around non-proprietary industry standards for data exchange.

It is compatible with all standard data acquisition systems, including Schlumberger, Halliburton, Sperry, MD Totco, PetroDAQ and others.

It can also be integrated with Audio and Video feeds, displayed alongside measured drilling parameters.

DrillSAFE RTOC's automated alert functionality is completely programmable, allowing for the creation of event driven monitoring and alert rules that will instantly notify users of unplanned events or exceptions. This can lead to alarms both at the rig, and in onshore offices. The safety parameters are transmitted to a central base, for access to the information in real time by the on-shore specialists.

Further transmission of the data to a DrillSAFE Real-Time Operation Center. These centers are manned by Government and/or Operator personnel, supported by PetroSecure engineers. In these centers the drilling specialists monitor the status of all operations, and escalate out of the ordinary conditions and incidents.

PetroSecure provides comprehensive services for monitoring and assessment of drilling operations for Safety and Security through 24/7 RTOCs. PetroSecure possesses the experience and technology to implement either onsite centers for national operators, or virtual centers where analyses and assessments are performed to generate security alert to avoid safety issues while drilling.