Committed to Improving Safety and Security in the Oil & Gas Industry

PetroSecure’s SafetyDAQ solution provides a data acquisition and software platform for the monitoring of all safety related drilling parameters during the drilling operations. An essential safety measure for all drilling operations, SafetyDAQ provides comprehensive capture and recording of all crucial drilling data, as well as allowing for real-time 3rd party monitoring.

Capable of capturing and aggregating all standard drilling data formats, SafetyDAQ's ruggedized architecture and EEXD certified housing were designed to withstand the most extreme of events. Through its data transmission facility, data can be monitored and safely stored as required.

It also supports the recording of audio and video feeds. These audio and video feeds along with the recorded drilling parameters are key elements of analysis to determine the safety conditions of the operation, as well as the main source of information during incident investigations.

SafetyDAQ can be deployed either alongside existing data acquisition systems at the rig, or as a standalone system for acquisition, aggregation, display and transmission of data.

SafetyDAQ offers considerable value to operators and drilling companies as visible proof of their commitment to safe drilling, and best practices.

SafetyDAQ uses the L-3 Hardened Recorder (HVR03) manufactured by L-3 Communications as its black box storage device.

The HVR03 Black Box is a state-of-the-art final recording medium stored within a protective capsule. The unit is tamper-proof and designed to survive a major incident such as a fire, explosion, collision, or sinking.

The HVR meets or exceeds the performance standards set out in IMO resolution A.861(20).