Committed to Improving Safety and Security in the Oil & Gas Industry

Petrolink provides the collaboration infrastructure necessary to ensure efficient communication between the rig side experts with those at the Real-Time Operations Center (RTOC). When a decision is made at the rig, experts at the RTOC are immediately aware and have access to the data, promoting teamwork and reducing errors through improved communication.

Any anomalies detected by the Safety Monitoring or RTOC teams can be immediately notified to rig staff, along with appropriate remedial action plans.

External staff can also connect via the PetroHelpDesk, allowing distributed teams to come together in one workspace. Key experts can collaborate whether they are on a rig, in the RTOC, or in a client office.

RigChat can be installed as a stand-alone application or fully integrated with the existing real-time displays. Having a rig chat system in place during drilling operations helps reduce NPT, saves internet bandwidth utilized by phones and provides a secure and auditable environment for operational collaboration.

Petrolink's 24/7 Live Support operator will always be ready to assist on the communication between rig-to-rig and rig-to-office transforming data into action.